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    Stainless Food-Grade Actuators

    Stainless Food-Grade Actuators

    Designed as an alternative to pneumatic cylinders in food and beverage applications, Thomson SA-20 stainless steel linear actuators conform to several hygienic design guidelines and are IP69K rated, enabling sanitary washdown during operation. These actuators also reduce the cost of washdown, including maintenance and air, and eliminate the need for replacement due to leakage.

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    General Specifications

    Parameter SA-20
    Screw Type Ball
    Nut Type Ball Nut
    Motor Configuration Inline
    Anti-Rotation Yes
    End-of-Stroke Protection No
    External Component Material 316 S/S
    Front Adapters Threaded Hole or Threaded Pin
    Rear Adapter Trunnion
    Compliances NSF/ANSI/3-A SSI 14159-1 -2014
    FDA 21 CFR, Parts 177 & 178


    SA-20 Applications

    • Conveyors
    • Cutting, slicing, filling and dumping
    • Operating doors, hatches and lids
    • Packaging
    • Sorting
    • Lifting, positioning, pushing and tilting
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